Programs: Conferences and Scientific Meetings

Programs: Conferences and Scientific Meetings

The center aims, through the support of conferences and workshops, to promote the collaboration and the exchange of information between Saudi scientists, professionals, students and their counterparts in the region and the world. The center also aims to encourage universities, research centers, scientific and professional institutions to organize and host specialized conferences that contribute to upgrading the capabilities and knowledgebase of researchers and students in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

For a list of some of the funded conferences, click here.

MCKE will consider sponsoring conferences and workshops that satisfy the following conditions:

1- Will be held in Saudi Arabia

2- Focuses on one of the following areas:

    a. Medical research & advanced health issues

    b. Research and structural studies

    c. Environmental Research

    d. Energy

    e. Nanotechnology and advanced material

    f. Islamic and Middle Eastern studies

Steps to provide support request:
    1. Fill out the form for requesting Scientific Chair funding by clicking here.

    2. Use the online registration page and attach the documents as per the instruction on the online form.

    3. We will contact you through e-mail to confirm receiving your application. or if we are missing any part of your application.

    4. Once the request is approved, an agreement will be conducted for sponsorship conditions.