Funded: Grants & Scholarships


Institutional Grants:

Tafseer Center for Quranic Studies

A financial grant was provided to Tafseer Center for Quranic Studies. The center specializes in the development of quranic studies and research. This support conforms with the BinLadin Group commitment to its social role and dedication to glorifying the Holy Book 

Prince Salman Center for Disability Research

MCKE supports the vision and mission of Prince Salman Center for Disability Research by participating in the membership of the founders’ council. The center is one of the outstanding institutions in the field of disability research; it has a global impact on improving the lives of people with disabilities through various activities and programs 

Harvard School of Law

The school of Law at Harvard University was awarded with a financial grant to support the studies of Islamic law. The grant has been utilized to supporting studies, lectures, researchers and students who have an interest in studying the laws of the Muslim world. The program has benefited from the participation of many researchers from the Islamic world.

Harvard Graduate School of Design

The grant provided to the Harvard Graduate School of Design was utilized to create fellowships for students, graduates and researchers, which enables the school to double the research opportunities for professors and students. 

Tufts University

Tufts University received a grant to support the program of Islamic Studies at the School of Fletcher of Law and Diplomacy. The funding was utilized to initiate and teach courses for members of the diplomatic corps in the Persian Gulf and Central Asia. The funding was also used to support programs of international studies in Dar Al Hekma College in Jeddah and the American University in Sharjah and many different activities for staff and students. 

Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies

The Saudi BinLadin Group (SBG) has supported the Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies since its inception. Funding has been used for research and construction. The group has also provided consultancy and technical design of the new building for the center. Some of the programs that have been created by the center are:
Mohammed BinLadin Fellowship&amp
Salem and Bakr BinLadin Research Fellowship
Economy of Islamic Societies Fellowship 

Prince Salman Oasis for Science 

MCKE has committed to create Al Muallem Mohammed BinLadin for Multimedia in Prince Salman Oasis for Science, a nonprofit venture that is financially independent while administratively sponsored and supervised by the Riyadh Charitable Foundation for Science and King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology. It is headed by His Royal Highness Prince Salman bin Abdulaziz, Crown Prince, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defense.

Prince Charles School of Traditional Arts 

MCKE has signed a memorandum of understanding with Prince Charles School of Traditional Arts to cooperate in the establishment and implementation of programs for Islamic Art in a number of educational institutions in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The agreement includes the development of initiatives for the engineering and traditional arts to support academic programs in addition to providing scholarships to students from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and creating opportunities for collaboration and knowledge exchange.

Cleveland Medical 

The Cleveland Clinic Foundation, one of the most prestigious medical institutions in the United States of America, is one of the latest beneficiaries of MCKE funding. The funding provided to the Cleveland Clinic is designed to support clinical and research fellowships in nephrology. These fellowships will allow medical practitioners and researchers to spend time at the Cleveland Clinic to work on research and gain valuable experiences. 


Projects & Buildings:

MCKE has funded construction of buildings and facilities in the following institutions:

University of Dar Al-Hekma

MCKE supported the building of new facilities in Dar Al-Hekma University. The institution is a public university for girls in Jeddah, which opened its doors in 1999. Its aim is to promote excellence and creative and independent thinking among students in order to enable them to make a positive change in their environment and benefit society 

AlFaisal University

MCKE has committed to build AlMuallem Mohamed BinLadin College for engineering at Al-Faisal University. The college aims to expand its students’ knowledge and horizons in the scientific environment and facilitate learning and interactions with distinguished professors. The college will also have sophisticated laboratories for research 

King Fahd Library

The building of King Fahd Public Library in Jeddah was supported to provide students and citizens of Jeddah with scientific books and electronic references that help them access and build cultural and scientific knowledge. King Fahd scientific library is the first in KSA to have dedicated sections for youth, children and women. The Library also has innovative programs and activities that offer knowledge to the readers through a modern framework 


Research Grants:

Will be announced in the future...



Will be announced in the future...